Frameline47: Blue ID

  • A bearded young man in sunglasses looks down as he sits against the glass building

Pink or blue? In Turkey, before you even know someone’s name, you used to be able to tell their gender by the color of their ID. Transitioning can be challenging enough, but what about going through that process in the country with the highest transgender murder rate in Europe? How about under constant media attention?

This is the reality for Rüzgar who, prior to his transition, was a famous actress who was frequently in the public eye. Made by his friends about his joyful experience transitioning, Blue ID quickly evolves into a story about privacy versus isolation, the paparazzi, and being an out transgender public figure in a society with extremely strict distinctions between male and female… and deadly consequences for those who dare to defy those distinctions.

Winner of the Audience Award at the world’s largest documentary film festival, IDFA in Amsterdam, Blue ID takes us inside Rüzgar’s reality, fighting to live authentically against all odds.

Special guests: directors Vuslat Karan & Burcu Melekoğlu

Presented as part of Frameline47 International Film Festival.

1h 25m
Burcu Melekoğlu & Vuslat Karan
Turkish with English subtitles
First Showing
June 15, 2023