Frameline47: Girlfriends & Girlfriends

  • Two lesbian women talking at a bar

Some things remain the same in any language. Urban lesbian drama, for example, is truly universal.

Going through a breakup is hard enough without your ex handing you a self-help book on the way out the door, but for Zaida (co-writer/director Zaida Carmona), that’s just the beginning of her relationship troubles. A thirtysomething lesbian in Barcelona still acting like she’s in her 20s while dreaming of being a filmmaker, Zaida seeks safety in her community of friends, lovers, friends’ lovers, and ex-lovers who are now friends while embarking on an angsty and funny journey of late-night connections, mascara mustache exchanges, and doomed crushes on happily coupled women.

With a snappy yet deadpan sense of humor, Zaida is our tour guide through Spain’s vibrant lez and art scenes. Cruising through galleries adorned with paintings inspired by Portrait of a Lady on Fire and coffeeshop filled with discussions of Barbara Hammer — “films about naked dyke friends in the country, what’s not to like?” — the joys and tribulations of sapphic seduction come to life in hysterical, relatable fashion in this infectious comedy from the team behind Cut! (Frameline46).

Presented as part of Frameline47 International Film Festival.

1h 25m
Zaida Carmona
Spanish with English subtitles
First Showing
June 21, 2023