SFSU School of Cinema: Senior Thesis Film Screening

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AT RUSH! (a rush line will be available for unclaimed seats, on a first-come-first-serve basis.)

The Roxie Theater and the San Francisco State University School of Cinema are proud to present the Senior Thesis Film Screening. 16 graduating seniors will present their undergraduate thesis films at an exciting event that showcases a diverse range of filmmakers and visual artistry. From queer love stories at the intersection of family and culture, to inventive and mystical stories that will surprise and delight. Join us for a night of fun and to celebrate these amazing students’ filmmaking accomplishments.

Program will begin promptly at 5:20 pm.

Bistro #1

Directed by Kiana Thienkim Nguyen

On the last night of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, a young woman has to keep the sales of her family’s food booth alive while also navigating her sexuality and identity. 

Crossroads Diner

Directed by Samuel Isola

Director Ray Avery was always convinced he’d do anything to get his film made, until he actually had to.

Diamonds & Marigolds

Directed by Nick Stinson

A young aspiring artist must finish a canvas painting after being told by his parents that they are moving out of the city at the end of the month.


Directed by Alexander Vaheid

Curtis is a socially awkward teenage magician who realizes that he’s looking for magic in all the wrong places.

Escape Into the Pages

Directed by Brooke Beeson

A lonely college boy wishes to run away from his neglectful father. One day, he discovers a book that takes him to the magical world of Zaria.

Eternal Eclipse

Directed by Julen Chavarria

A love story between the Sun and Moon who daydream of a life together as humans.

Johnny Dearest

Directed by Belle Devins

All seems perfect in this young couple’s relationship except for the fact that Johnny is trying to murder his girlfriend, Carrie, to gain power over her mobster family.


Directed by Ingrid Eidshaug

Leonard is a mockumentary following an odd middle-aged woman and her best friend, a taxidermy seagull.


Directed by Thembi Nkosi

A corporate employee of Southern African descent struggles to resolve his existential anxiety at the cost of his health and personal relationships.

New Year

Directed by Joey Nelson

A light-hearted, fantastic, rush across San Francisco as Jess tries to make it to a New Years party in time to kiss his new love interest at midnight.

Planet Keepers

Directed by DJ Tinaz

Two estranged co-workers must reconcile to save their acclaimed video game, Planet Keepers.

Stoner Samurai

Directed by Nicholas Abe

A lone samurai realizes the pointlessness to violence and tries to make peace in-spite of the colonizing cowboys.

When I Was Underground

Directed by Erik Marez

Rewind, an aspiring rapper, hopes to make a living out of his passion.

3h 0m
First Showing
May 24, 2023
  • Audio Description
  • Assisted Listening