Passport to Cinema Challenge

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up or renew your membership during the drive you will receive a card, which will act as your Roxie Theater passport. The passport will have 9 countries on it: China, France, Iran, Mexico, UK, Japan, Senegal, Argentina, and South Korea. The passport will also have 3 free spaces that can be used for any countries not listed above. Throughout the next year (through June 2025), when you see a film from one of the countries listed on the passport, make sure to tell the box office and you will receive an official Roxie stamp. Once your passport is fully stamped, turn it in to the box office, who will then pass it along to the membership team. Once we reach June 2025 we will draw a card at random and whoever wins will receive a FREE LITTLE ROXIE RENTAL!

This game is ONLY open to people who join or renew their memberships during the Summer Membership Drive, so if you want play, sign up today!

Some details to note:

*Stamps have to be done at the screening, if you forget you cannot redeem the stamp at a later date.

*You can only use one stamp per country.

We think of a Roxie membership as a way to travel the world through cinema. Hit the road with us!