Dick Tracy

  • Madonna with a bright red mouth, surrounded by ugly-faced men looking into the camera
  • A scary man in an emerald hat and a furred collar jacket yelling at Madonna in an attempt to intimidate her, another spectacled man looking sideways behind them
  • A group of ugly-faced men in bright overalls sitting around a big red table in a gloomy room lit with harsh green light pouring through the windows
  • A man in a hat speaking with a small boy in the street of a vintage looking town after the rain, puddles all around them two
  • A scary-looking man in a hat, backlit with harsh yellow light, pointing a rifle past the camera
  • Backlit with harsh yellow light, a man with a square head and a trapeze-looking hairstyle wearing a black suit with a bow-tie as he points a rifle past the camera

With the massive success of BATMAN ’89, Hollywood opened the floodgates on high-budgeted pulp adventure stories. Luckily for star/producer Warren Beatty, who owned the rights to the square-jawed crimefighter, the stars aligned for this candy-colored musical action fantasia. Torn between his gal friday Tess Trueheart and the slinking Breathless Mahoney (Madonna, at the time Beatty’s girlfriend), Tracy goes up against crime boss Big Boy Caprice (an all-time Pacino) and his rogue’s gallery of freak show goons (itself a constellation of star cameos). Lensed by Vittorio Storaro (REDS, APOCALYPSE NOW), with music by Stephen Sondheim, DICK TRACY’s fusion of classical Hollywood wonder and modern expressionism is too intoxicating to miss. (Jake Isgar)

Screening in conjunction with the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission’s Aprilcino series, a celebration of the Actor’s Actor, Al Pacino.

1h 50m
Warren Beatty
  • Assisted Listening


Monday, April 24, 2023 9:15 PM
Location Big Roxie

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