All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

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“Critics Pick. The movie is steeped in the sensual (like a Toni Morrison novel or a Mary Oliver poem).” Lisa Kennedy, The New York Times

2023 Gotham Award Nominee for Breakthrough Director (Raven Jackson)

Open Caption screening in the Little Roxie, Tuesday November 28th at 9pm

One of the most visually striking, profoundly moving American moviemaking debuts in years, Raven Jackson’s All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt is an arresting immersion into a young woman’s inner world, filmed and edited with an extraordinary tactility and attention to the tiniest detail. This impressionistic journey skips ahead and back through decades to tell the story of Mack, whose upbringing in rural Mississippi is touched by grace, dotted with heartbreak, and always carried aloft by the surrounding natural beauty. As she ages, she loses loved ones and gains others, while making decisions that change the course of her life, and that of her beloved sister. Relying on sounds and images to tell her story, and employing minimal dialogue, Jackson has created something breathtakingly quiet and ultimately transporting—a spiritual tribute to the moments, feelings, and connections that make a life. An A24 release.

1h 32m
Raven Jackson
United States
First Showing
November 24, 2023
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