“Clafffey’s angry-but-cool-as-a-Tesla doc meticulously lays out the schema. Present-day owners and top executives are out-earning their employees at rates that make the days of old-time robber barons look positively charitable by comparison.” – Kelly Vance, East Bay Express.

Director Sean Claffey and others IN PERSON!

Over the past few generations millions in the middle class have been pushed to the edge and even into poverty. Shamed into believing that if they tried harder things might work out, the middle class has been silent. No more. AMERICONNED exposes the inside story, showing how corporations have wormed their way into government, laying out why the middle class should rise, and how it should do it.

In this David vs. Goliath story, Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer lead a movement to unionize Amazon workers for the first time, after the corporation fired Smalls for speaking up for workers’ rights. They are inspiring legions of workers to, as the late, great Congressman John Lewis said, get into “good trouble.”

1h 36m
First Showing
June 13, 2023
  • Assisted Listening