La Mami

  • Latina woman doing makeup

“Vérité at its best. This remarkable portrayal of female friendship offers a poignant, elemental take on the lives of working-class women in urban Mexico today.”

The New York Times

The second feature documentary by Laura Herrero Garvín follows Doña Olga, also known as La Mami, who having worked more than 40 years in nightlife is the caretaker of the women’s restroom at the mythical Cabaret Barba Azul in Mexico City. Night after night, she attends to the dancers who perform there to live music. A beautiful friendship gradually develops between her and newcomer Priscilla, as the two exchange intimate details during their shifts, sharing glances in the mirror.

Textural, empathetic, and shot completely from the female perspective, Herrero Garvín crafts an exquisite look into a world of women doing what they have to in order to provide for their families and carve a path for themselves and their loved ones under unforgiving circumstances.

Presented by RoxCine.

1h 19m
Laura Herrero Garvín
Mexico & Spain
Spanish with English subtitles
  • Assisted Listening