CAAM Fest Shorts: Companion Pass

  • Two Asian grannies throwing money as they stand on the staircase

From reluctant new relationships to old friendships put to the test, this block of short films highlights the importance of finding connection and community to help get us through, move us past, or just sit in it. Some friends make you, some friends break you. The ride or dies have seen you at your worst, and they continue to still see you (like really see you), every fragment of you. They’ll know to take a pic of your good side, and still celebrate your messy, authentic, unfiltered self. Without these connections, we would definitely lose our way.

Good for besties with or without tessies (BART is cool, too), old friends, new friends, people looking to leave the zoom call and make an irl connection.

Presented as part of CAAM Fest 2023.

1h 18m
First Showing
May 18, 2023