The Creative High

  • A man in a black wig and a woman, both with faces painted in white, at a makeup stand in a dressing room as they are getting ready for a show
  • A young woman's face covered with syringes as she is holding her arm up high
  • An old grey-haired woman painting with a brush in a workshop full of inks, paints, and pictures of pastel-colored landscapes
  • A guitar player performing in the night of a club

This FREE event is co-hosted by The Phoenix that offers events for people in recovery, and the Castro Country Club, a safe and sober community center for all people and a refuge for the LGBTQ recovery community.

Followed by in person Q&A with Director Adriana Marchione, Producer Dianne Griffin and artists from the film!

The Creative High is a documentary film featuring nine artists in recovery from addiction who are transformed by creativity in their turbulent search for identity and freedom. Their stories reveal how art has been a ballast while confronting old addictive habits and finding a new “high” through a creative life. Bringing the viewers into the worlds of hip-hop, drag performance, punk music, and featuring artists who create dance, theater, and visual art, The Creative High conveys a message of hope in an ailing world.

For more information, visit . Co-hosted by The Phoenix and the Castro Country Club.

1h 15m
Adriana Marchione
2D Digital
United States
  • Assisted Listening