3rd i SFISAFF: Kathal Preceded by Short Dos Bros Force

DOS BROS FORCE, Jyothi Kalyan Sura (USA, 2022, 15 min)
An adorable and loving tale set in Los Angeles, 1996, about the Sura family, a financially struggling Indian immigrant household. For her 9th birthday, peppy little Isha has only one wish – to get $12 dollars to play video games. Unable to convince her parents, she devises an ingenious plan with her 11-year-old brother to raise money. The innocent act will change their lives forever.

KATHAL (Jackfruit), directed by Amit Ashraf, is a fun, quirky, and enjoyable comedy for the whole family. At its core, KATHAL is a creative and exuberant story about the adventures of two mischievous kids, but on its edges, the film is an enlightening satire around class and gender discrimination.

Two kids from the wrong side of the tracks sneak into a posh gated community to try and steal the world’s largest jackfruit. The kids’ getaway is blocked when they learn the fruit is too big to be pulled through the escape hole, and they are forced instead to try and sell the jackfruit to the eccentric residents. What started as a simple playful heist turns into an adventure that tests their friendship.

Presented as part of 3rd I Film Festival.

1h 0m
Amit Ashraf
Bengali with English subtitles
First Showing
October 22, 2023