A Rare Noir Is Good To Find 3

Adventures in Vienna + Satan Tempts with Love

  • Satan Tempts with Love (1960)
  • Satan Tempts with Love
  • Satan Tempts with Love
  • Adventures in Vienna
  • Adventures in Vienna (1952)

There are no nights as dark as those spent in German-speaking lands…where sometimes it seems that there is no daylight at all.

Adventures in Vienna / Abentueur in wien

12:00 PM Unsuspecting cab driver Gustav Frohlich is dropped into a New Years’ Eve murder plot that just keeps the twists turning and… well, twisting. It all happens at night…what will the dawn bring? With a young Cornell Borchers as a (possibly) winsome wife, and Francis Lederer oozing some potent high-culture malevolence. (W. Germany, 1960, dir. Rudolf Jugert, 89m)

Satan Temps with Love / Der satan lockt mit liebe

1:45 PM A German remake of French noir classic Voyage sans espoir, where a nightclub singer is torn between her escaped criminal boyfriend and a bumbling, naive bank clerk who has embezzled a sizable sum—a pile of cash that the escaped criminal is desperate to acquire. Love, crime, greed, and escalating desperation are all in play, with a more erotic flavor to the story thanks to the presence of doomed bombshell Belinda Lee. (W. Germany, 1960, dir. Rudolf Jugert, 89m)

He’s at it again. Eternal renegade of rep programming Don Malcolm (THE FRENCH HAD A NAME FOR IT, MIDCENTURY MADNESS) brings 13 insanely rare international noirs to the Roxie—including nine never before screened in America! A RARE NOIR IS GOOD TO FIND screens August 13, 19 and 20. “The time is ripe for more of these astonishing films to surface,” Don says, “as we continue to discover that the late Spencer Selby was right: there was—and is—a worldwide film noir tradition that needs to be traced in its entirety so that we will know its true extent and be able to properly assess its influence in film history.”

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2h 58m
West Germany
In German with English subtitles