ATITH FF: Love Will Tear Us Apart

  • 20th Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

Wakaba is many things: one of the most kawaii grade-schoolers ever and someone with a particularly strong sense of righteousness. So when she witnesses her dorky classmate Koki being pushed around by two bullies, she can’t help but stand up for him. Not used to having someone, least of all a girl defend him, Koki is instantly smitten. That’s why when his tormentors start picking on her, he goes berserk and catapults them out of the class window, falling to their deaths meters below… Seven years later, Wakaba is still very kawaii but now a groupie cruising around in the van of Kohei’s new band, which turns out to be filled with douchebags, her idol included. In search of a little fun before their next gig, they decide to have a barbecue with some teriyaki, beers and hopefully later on a bit of sweet lovin’. Wakaba really isn’t up for that and luckily for her, bodies still tend to show up abundantly wherever she goes. Violently mutilated bodies and lots of gore you will not be disapoited after seeing this. Might turn into a cult classic.

Attention Viewer

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Presented as part of 20th Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

1h 27m
Ken'ichi Ugana
Japanese with English subtitles
First Showing
December 5, 2023