Children of Montmartre + The Love of a Woman

  • Children of Montmartre (1933)
  • Children of Montmartre (1933)
  • Children of Montmartre (1933)
  • The Love of a Woman (1953)
  • The Love of a Woman (1953)
  • The Love of a Woman (1953)

WORK V. LOVE Our evening double bill showcases stories that highlight the tricky path that women continue to walk regarding the trade-off between maternity and independence. We skip back to the 30s to show how French filmmakers were already conscious of this issue, and then move forward to the fraught mid-50s, when director Jean Gremillon’s advocacy for women’s independence produced a superb film that, ironically enough, brought his career to a standstill…

Children of Montmartre / La Maternelle

4:45 PM When the documentary team of Marie Epstein and Jean Benoît-Lévy adapted a novel (a suddenly dispossessed heiress finds work and fulfillment in a slum childcare center), their use of location shooting and non-professional child actors was to be expected—and is fascinating for us to see today. More remarkable—in fact, unforgettable—is the poetic sensitivity of their view through a child’s eyes (the extraordinary presence of young Paulette Elambert as the troubled little girl). (1933, dir. Jean Benoît-Lévy, Marie Epstein, 83m)

The Love of a Woman / L’amour d’une femme

We honor the recent passing of Micheline Presle (1922-2024) with one of her greatest performances as a doctor trying to win over the people of a remote island to accept her as their caregiver. Complicating things is a burgeoning love affair with the perfect man (Massimo Girotti), whose lone flaw is that he wants a stay-at-home wife. Brilliant, sensitive direction from Jean Gremillon, making what proved to be his final film. (1953, dir. Jean Grémillon, 104m)

Midcentury Productions’ AUTEURES: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LOST CONTINENT ’24 features 15 films from France zeroing in on the status of women in the cinéma de papa period. These films feature women both in front of and behind the camera, covering a rich panorama of their perspectives about their place in French society. Based primarily on researches by Phoebe Green, AUTEURES is an eye-opening look at unjustly neglected works ripe for rediscovery.

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3h 7m
2D Digital
French with English subtitles