A Rare Noir Is Good To Find 3

Eyes Leave Traces + Passport for a Corpse

  • Eyes Leave Traces (1952)
  • Eyes Leave Traces
  • Passport for a Corpse
  • Passport for a Corpse

We land in the Mediterranean for noirs that take us out of the heat and into the cold passion of duplicity and greed. These sunny lands are anything but when the occluded front of film noir passes over their skies…

Eyes Leave Traces / Los ojos dejan huellas

4:45 PM A perfume salesman channels his inner sociopath and engineers a murder that looks like a suicide. Will the detective investigating the case penetrate the web of lies, deceit and betrayal in order to solve the case? Journeyman director Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia steps outside his usual mix of comedies and historical dramas to craft a supremely taut, perverse thriller. (Spain-Italy, 1952, dir. José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, 100m)

Passport for a Corpse / Lasciapassare per il morto

6:45 PM Alberto Lupo is pitted against forces beyond his control as he attempts to escape with the loot from a heist that falls into his hands almost by accident. To do so, he must cross the Alps in a most macabre way, haunted and hunted by many, including sexy but sinsister Linda Christian. (Italy, 1962, Mario Gariazzom, 90m)

He’s at it again. Eternal renegade of rep programming Don Malcolm (THE FRENCH HAD A NAME FOR IT, MIDCENTURY MADNESS) brings 13 insanely rare international noirs to the Roxie—including nine never before screened in America! A RARE NOIR IS GOOD TO FIND screens August 13, 19 and 20. “The time is ripe for more of these astonishing films to surface,” Don says, “as we continue to discover that the late Spencer Selby was right: there was—and is—a worldwide film noir tradition that needs to be traced in its entirety so that we will know its true extent and be able to properly assess its influence in film history.”

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3h 10m
Spain, Italy
In Spanish and Italian with English subtitles