Hannah, Queen of the Vampires (16mm)

“Oh Hannah! Come and enflame us with such love as to light up our eyes that we will never sleep in DEATH!” Bewildering mashed up folklore, sensational dubbed dialog, mood-soaked concertina music and occasional bursts of viscous gore weave a cinematic tapestry of a kind rarely beheld by the jaded audiences of 2024. HANNAH, QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES showcases familiar cult talents Andrew Prine (SIMON, KING OF THE WITCHES), Patty Shepard (THE WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN), Mark Damon (BLACK SABBATH) and Teresa Gimpera (THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE) as the titular vampire—laying down a grotesque spell of fairy tale strangeness.  Come profane the dim recesses of the Roxie Theater with this extremely rare screening of the UK ‘X’ version on 16mm film!  There will be splices, wear, variable color and all of those elements that serve to transport the viewer through time. The feature will be preceded by a dose of rarely-screened grindhouse era trailers. Come bear witness to the resurrection of this occult bit of celluloid!  You probably won’t get another chance.    

1h 28m
Julio Salvador
First Showing
May 7, 2024