Joe Talbot’s Lost San Francisco: The Fan (35mm)

It’s tough times for 9ers fans reeling from yet another Super Bowl loss and Giants fans trying to stomach a less than inspiring off-season, which is why there’s never been a better time to discover Tony Scott’s unsung gem about a die hard Giants fan (Robert De Niro) who becomes obsessed with the Orange and Black’s new slugger (Wesley Snipes in a career-best role as a thinly-veiled Barry Bonds). This delirious, mile-a-minute, how-in-the-world-have-I-never-heard-of-this roller coaster of a movie can be enjoyed purely as a nostalgic trip back to the days before The Stick came crashing down, when the world wide web hadn’t yet spread its tendrils into all parts of San Francisco, but it also works as a troublingly relevant warning on the perils of fandom and projected dreams onto the lives of athletes.

Joe Talbot’s Lost San Francisco is a series dedicated to recirculating lesser-known gems from the city’s past.

1h 56m
Tony Scott
First Showing
March 20, 2024