You're not in kansas anymore


Director Alexandre O. Philippe in conversation with Jonathan Kiefer after Monday, June 12 6:40pm screening!

Few filmmakers have offered up quite as many cinematic conundrums as eternal riddler David Lynch. From Eraserhead to Inland Empire, via Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart, Lynch’s celluloid visions have fascinated and perplexed in equal measure. In his latest love letter to the movies, acclaimed documentarian Alexandre O. Philippe (78/52) argues that the key to unlocking Lynch lies in the most familiar of places: evergreen family classic The Wizard of Oz.

Enlisting a compelling cohort of conspirators (including Karyn Kusama, John Waters, David Lowery, Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, Rodney Ascher and Amy Nicholson), Phillippe presents a stimulating sextet of video essays that draw fascinating parallels between Dorothy and David’s fantastical journeys. Pop on those ruby slippers, the answers might just be waiting at the end of the yellow brick road.

Lynch/Oz plays alongside The Wizard of Oz in 35mm and a number of Lynch’s most haunting films as part of this Summer’s You’re Not In Kansas Anymore series.

1h 48m
Alexandre O. Philippe
First Showing
June 9, 2023