Joe Talbot’s Lost San Francisco: Maxie (35mm)

Introduced by Joe Talbot

After terrorizing you with an unhinged De Niro in our first installment of the series, we return to LOST SAN FRANCISCO with a much more wholesome entry—the nearly forgotten MAXIE, starring a young Glenn Close in not one but two roles (both wifey and sidechick, mortal and immortal) and Mandy Patinkin as her very hunky librarian husband. The couple discover a ghost in their old Queen Anne and throuple-some antics ensue.

Beyond just being set here, it’s a movie about loving old things and conjuring the past. There’s Flapper era phantasms, a couple fixing up an old Victorian (Joe Talbotcore), Harold & Maude’s Ruth Gordon returning to SF for one of her last roles, Grace Cathedral reimagined as Catholic, a script by Patricia Resnick (9 to 5) based on a story by Marin author Jack Finney, who seemed to write everything here (Invasion of the Body SnatchersGood Neighbor Sam). There’s even a meta moment where Patinkin tries to track down an old lost film.

Bring your primary, bring your other lover, bring someone from the other side!

P.S. this movie is not streaming anywhere, nor has it ever been released on DVD or Blu-ray––come out for perhaps your only chance to see it gloriously projected from an original release print!

Part of Joe Talbot’s Lost San Francisco ongoing series

1h 38m
Paul Aaron
First Showing
May 25, 2024


Saturday, May 25, 2024 6:15 PM
Location Big Roxie

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