2023 Sex Worker Film Festival

  • A strip tease dancer in qa bra looks in the camera
  • Woman's pelvis in closeup as she runs a sex toy against it under the underpants
  • Two people holding hands in close-up

After a hiatus of the pandemic years, Sex Worker Films and Arts Festival (SWFF) is excited to be back for its 12th biannual edition and would like to welcome you to a very special Movie Marathon at the Roxie featuring the films about about family and relationships.

Four special programs will be featured in the following order:

Runtime: 2 hours

Letters of 1913-1917 (2:37)
Loitering w/ Intent (22:30)
Colonial Peeps (4:02)
Aliens from the Sky (12:16)
* The Last Lapdance (1:15:00)

Runtime: 2 hours

*Imagine Earth as Your Lover (23:00)
Eighty Twenty (12:00)
Where Is the FRIENDS HOME? (11:21)
The Blackness (11:00) 
Aura (10:05)
DOMestication (38:00)

Runtime: 2 hours

Contributions (7:48)
Our Odessy Is Red (37:47)
Fuck Films: A love story (2:35)
Whole Hole (4:23) 
Everyday Burns (4:39)
Family Matters (22:59)
We are Aileen’s (32:43)

Let us Survive8.30pm
Runtime: 2 hours

SWAF w/ Carol (13:48)
Stone Dove (13:53)
Fly In Power (1:30:00)

Please note that during the Marathon, masks are required at all times.

English or with English subtitles
First Showing
May 27, 2023
  • Assisted Listening