Mutiny In Heaven: The Birthday Party

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Directed by Ian White, MUTINY IN HEAVEN, the story of The Birthday Party’s ascent, apex and inevitable collapse is a thrilling tale of epic struggle, artistic genius and total dysfunctionality. Told in the group’s own words, MUTINY IN HEAVEN brings the band’s story to the screen for the first time.

This is a twisted tale of ascent, realization and implosion whilst dealing with issues of artistic muse, creativity, addiction, fame, interpersonal conflict and the unique relationship between creative vision and self-destruction – all underpinned by the dark, wry humor of the individual band members.

Utilizing exclusive, incredibly candid interviews, a wealth of rare and unseen archives, original artwork, unreleased tracks, studio footage, animation and multimedia content – the film is as visually rich as it is narratively riveting – a revealing look back at its key members’ origins, dreams, hopes and motivations.

The Birthday Party
Phill Calvert – Drums
Nick Cave – Vocals
Mick Harvey – Guitar, Drums
Rowland S. Howard – Guitar
Tracy Pew – Bass

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1h 35m
Ian White
First Showing
October 18, 2023
  • Assisted Listening