Nights And Weekends (2008)

In anticipation of Greta Gerwig’s BARBIE, we propose this startlingly intimate, lo-fi romance co-directed, co-written, co-produced and co-starring Greta and indie auteur, Joe Swanberg.

Mattie and James are in love. But too many mornings and too many miles apart have taken a toll on them. As they struggle with the distance between New York and Chicago, their visits become reminders of the difficulties, not the pleasures, of their relationship. Gerwig’s directorial debut is a sexual explicit portrayal of longing and confusion that displays both her and Swanberg’s genius in front of and behind the camera.

Written & directed by Greta Gerwig & Joe Swanberg. With Joe Swanberg, Greta Gerwig, Jay Duplass, Lynn Shelton, Elizabeth Donius, Kent Osborne, Ellen Stagg & Alison Bagnall. Produced by Greta Gerwig, Anish Savjani, Dia Sokol & Joe Swanberg. Cinematography Matthias Grunsky & Benjamin Kasulke. Sound by Kevin Bewersdorf, Jay Duplass, Aaron Katz, Anish Savjani & Dia Sokol. Unrated. 2008. 80 mins.

1h 20m
Joe Swanberg & Greta Gerwig
First Showing
July 6, 2023