Prayers for the Stolen (Noche De Fuego)

  • Girl running down the road in Prayers for the stolen (Noche de fuego)

Shortlisted for the Oscars in the International Feature category!

In a mountainous town in rural Mexico, young Ana lives with her mother, who works in the poppy fields harvesting opium. The region offers natural splendor and small pleasures for Ana and her two best friends, Maria and Paula, yet the area’s inhabitants are gripped by a fear that is for now incomprehensible to the girls: drug cartels rule the countryside, and they regularly kidnap teenage girls for trafficking, leaving their families bereft of hope or closure. In her delicately wrought yet devastating first fiction feature, adapted from the 2014 novel by Jennifer Clement, Tatiana Huezo charts Ana’s growth from childhood to adolescence, steeping viewers in both the lyrical beauty of youth and the creeping terror of adult reality. Huezo’s film features an extraordinary cast of young actors and intimate camerawork by Dariela Ludlow, breathing naturalism into a world of desperation and despair.

Presented by RoxCine. Co-presented by The Mexican Museum and SF Latino Film Festival

1h 50m
Tatiana Huezo
Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Qatar
Spanish with English subtitles
  • Assisted Listening