Media Meltdown & Rewind Presents: The Lighthouse

  • Black-and-white image of two grizzled men -- one younger, one older -- wearing military garb looking at the camera
  • An older man with his mouth agape shouting, dimly lit from below
  • Silhouette of two men aggressively standing face-to-face
  • Young, sweaty man reading a large book
  • Silhouette of two men standing at the edge of a seaside cliff with a lighthouse glowing behind them

Avast, landlubbers! It’s time to spill the beans! The drag experience Media Meltdown is returning to the Roxie to present Robert Eggers’ modern cult classic The Lighthouse (2019)! Join hosts Piranha Psychotronica and Kafka X, returning to the Roxie following their irradiated sendup of Eraserhead to pay tribute to one of the wildest, weirdest movies of the last few years. Yer fond of me lobster, ain’t ye? Well ye will be by the time we’re done with ye! Expect a nautical adventure on the high seas, full of mermaids, homoerotic wrestling matches, raging storms, and lots and lots of farts. Then you get to watch The Lighthouse!

1h 50m
Robert Eggers
United States
First Showing
May 21, 2024
  • Assisted Listening
  • Closed Caption
  • Audio Description


Tuesday, May 21, 2024 9:15 PM
Location Big Roxie

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