Roxie First Looks: Shorts Program #3

  • three men sitting on the curb.
  • person in front of case.
  • Woman talking to girl standing against locker.
  • Person in fighting stance.
  • Woman with hat on.

First Looks, the Roxie’s Oscar-Qualifying Theatrical Release program, supports filmmakers in their Academy Award quest. We put together a unique lineup of shorts (with running times of 40 minutes and under) from any genre (documentary, narrative, and animation) to serve as the film’s Academy qualifying run. 

Filmmakers interested in participating can check out more info here.

HAMSTAR co-director Kristen Hansen Brakeman in person for Q&A after Saturday’s screening.

The Fourth

Director: Johnny Kirk
Synopsis: Eager to celebrate the 4th of July, a group of young black and Latino friends experience a police encounter that shatters the meaning of the holiday. 

Runtime: 11 minutes

Little t

Director: Masha Ellsworth
Synopsis: Little t follows Alexis on the biggest day of her life: an interview for her dream job as an interior designer. Though she’s armed with an impressive resume and design portfolio, she’s also accompanied by two longtime companions: her “inner critic” and “inner child.” As Alexis examines her connections to comfort food, she uncovers new insights about herself and her abilities and finds the courage to showcase her potential in the interview, quelling the doubts raised by her longtime companions. 

Runtime: 6 minutes


Director: Simon King
Synopsis: FIONA is a short, dramatic film dealing with the difficulties faced by families and teens in modern society. The logline: “Fiona is a typical teen who makes all the wrong decisions before coming to terms with her life.”

Runtime: 10 minutes

Good Daughter

Director: Rachel Annette Helson
A small-time con artist rips off elderly dementia patients by pretending to be their daughter – until the con catches up with her.

Runtime: 20 minutes

Oren’s Way

Director: Keika Lee
Synopsis: A clever princess must capture a magical Golden Fox in order to save
her kingdom from eternal sadness but on her journey, she conquers obstacles – the
last of which reveals a hidden truth about herself.

Runtime: 16 minutes


Director: Leslie Wilson & Kristen Hansen Brakeman
HAMSTAR follows competitive hamster show runners Erin and Tony as they travel to the U.K. to see an English-run hamster show, and finally experience a world they’ve only dreamt about.

Runtime: 30 minutes

1h 33m