Roxie Mixtape: Music Video Edition

  • Green figures dancing with Big dots of many colors in the background
  • Animated bird like creature standing under a tree with blue sky in the background. Creature is looking up.
  • A woman in a dress on a horse with bright blue sky.

The Roxie Theater and Fast Times are proud to present Roxie Mixtape: Music Video Edition, an evening of music videos featuring genres ranging from country to rock and roll, and styles spanning from animation to narratives shot on film. This exciting event showcases a diverse range of musical talent and visual artistry, bringing together a community of filmmakers and music lovers. From classic rock to experimental electronica, Roxie Mixtape has something for everyone. Join us for a night of unforgettable entertainment that celebrates the powerful intersection of music and visuals.

More videos to be announced soon!

Una Noche Más” by Gabi Bravo – Directed by Jesseca Simmons (03:55)
“Spark of Light” by Michael Bolton – Directed by David Dutton (03:26)
Twyla Tharp” by Dylan Hicks – Directed by Kathleen Quillian (03:45)
Small Town” by Spring Summer – Directed Aaron Beckum (05:15)
Buckle Up Baby” by Marika Christine – Claire Donohue (02:25)
On/Off” by French Cassettes – Directed by Jared Clark Gay
Back 2 Hell” by Future Twin – Co-Directed by Jean Future Twin (02:21)
And Still I Rise” by Cardboard People – Directed by Brian Flores (04:10)
For Today” by The Lost Days – Directed by Alicia Vanden Heuvel (01:30)
Mal De Amor by La Doña ft Los Texmaniacs
– Directed by Naomi Pasmanick (03:28)
So High (Outrageous)” by Ollie Loko – Directed by Ollie Loko (02:34)
On My Mind” by Boiled Wool – Directed by Chichi Castillo & Cynthia Chang
Coffee Song” by Hear In Color – Directed by Tony Holman & Monét Cooper (05:05)
Faces in the Firelight” by Shana Cleveland – Directed by Two Seraphim
Dirt Don’t Hurt” by Beebo – Directed by Orlando Torres (04:15)
She’s a Star” by Glitter Wizard – Directed by Gregory Downing (03:09)

Fireworks” by Healing Potpourri – Directed by Oceans of Phantasy (02:55)
YO YO” by Ryan Wong – Directed by Rett Rogers (02:50)
Mona Lisa” by mxmtoon – Directed by Ambar Navarro (03:33)

1h 15m
  • Assisted Listening