Sansón and Me

  • A young boy Sansón holds his head upon his arms folded as he looks in the camera of Rodrigo Reyes

Rodrigo Reyes in person for Q&A on Friday, March 17 & Saturday March 18!

UC Davis Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Chicana/o/x Studies Sergio de la Mora will moderate the discussion with Reyes after the 6:45p screening on Friday, March 17.

UnCommon Law founder and executive director Keith Wattley and Miguel Quezada, Co-Director, The Mend Collaborative in person for post-screening discussion with Reyes after the 1:30p screening on Saturday, March 18.

During his day job as a Spanish criminal interpreter in a small town in California, filmmaker
Rodrigo Reyes (499) met a young man named Sansón, an undocumented Mexican immigrant
who was sentenced to life in prison without parole. With no permission to interview him, Sansón and Reyes worked together over a decade, using hundreds of letters as inspiration for re-
creations of Sansón’s childhood—featuring members of Sansón’s own family. The result is a
vibrant portrait of a friendship navigating immigration and the depths of the criminal justice
system and pushing the boundaries of cinematic imagination to rescue a young migrant’s story
from oblivion.

Presented by RoxCine. Co-presented by Uncommon Law and BAVC.

1h 23m
Rodrigo Reyes
In Spanish with English subtitles
  • Assisted Listening