SF IndieFest: DitO

Eiji Kamiyama is an aging Japanese boxer who left his wife and daughter behind to make a comeback in the Philippines. He struggles to make it, and is unable to find his way back into the ring for professional fights. The years pass and he remains alone, idle as a boxer and detached from his family.

One day, his daughter Momoko suddenly appears at the gym where Eiji trains. She brings with her the news that her mother, his wife, has passed.

Momoko has imagined and believed her father to be a hero, and arrives in the Philippines with expectations that she can rely on him. After many years apart, the father – and boxer – she meets is not the person she imagined him to be.

Dito centers around the theme of boxing, which is often regarded as the toughest sport in the world, and serves as a metaphor for the dialogue between two human bodies. Through this powerful motif, the film delves into the essential relationship between parents and children, exploring their growth and struggles in the face of life’s challenges.

1h 57m
Takashi Yuki
Japan, Phillipines
First Showing
February 14, 2024