SF IndieFest: In the Meantime + One Night Before Sunrise

In The Meantime

Channeling Frances Ha via the French New Wave and shot entirely on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, Nicholas Anthony’s debut feature is a cinema verité trip centred on Max, fast-approaching her thirties, and doing her best to deflect the existential crisis she perpetually runs headfirst into. An aspiring writer, she keeps hitting roadblocks and the wheels are coming off. Living with her best friend Emma affords her some sense of stability, but why is everyone else catching a break when she’s stuck in second gear? As the year passes by, Max finds it harder and harder to ignore the fact that she’s not at all okay, and the unsettling realisation that her mental state and recognition of time is fragmenting. Directed by Nicholas Anthony, 94 minutes, Australia.

One Night Before Sunrise

After meeting that evening, an American boy and a French girl spend a night together. Directed by
Alec Huggins, 16 minutes.

1h 50m
First Showing
February 13, 2024