SFSU Senior Thesis Film Screening

The Roxie Theater and the San Francisco State University School of Cinema are proud to present a curated selection of student short films at the 2024 Senior Thesis screening! 15 undergraduate filmmakers will present their works, each of which was written, shot, and edited over the course of the nine months. Retellings of history, warnings of our future, and the reinterpretation of myth are only a selection of the offerings to be seen from the richly diverse and immensely talented SFSU Cinema Undergraduate Thesis Class of 2024. These films are both the culmination of their university education and the beginning to the rest of their bright and exciting creative careers. Join us to celebrate their accomplishments and usher in the futures of these inspiring young filmmakers!

Program will begin promptly at 5:20 pm.


Rush Of Blood To The Head

Dir. Jose Antonio Anzoátegui

When the sun god Apollo falls for the beautiful mortal prince Hyacinthus, their love blossoms like a rare and fragile flower. But their idyllic romance is threatened by the jealous wind god Zephyrus, who will stop at nothing to claim Hyacinthus for himself.

Whispering Souls

Dir. Itzel A Osuna-Tapia

A psychological thriller that follows a young woman, Esmeralda, in her journey to understand her inherited ancestral gift which makes her a messenger between the living and the dead. Her ability to perceive the unseen and unheard offers her the opportunity to change her fate, if she is willing to listen.

The Katan Valley

Dir. Ben Friedman-Hibbs

A small-town mayor’s fierce refusal to accept the reality of his family’s home being washed away by the US Government has ramifications that span across generations.

Lonely Throne

Dir. Alexander Wong

A medieval comedy about a princess going on an adventure to find her true love.


Dir. Jacqueline Gau

A girl tries to overcome body dysmorphia.

Splash World

Dir. Yesi Munoz

A grieving father gets revenge on careless lifeguards.


Dir. Kent Palma

An aspiring comic book artist breaks his favorite pen and goes on a journey to get a new one.

Hail Mary

Dir. J P Walker

In 1990s Oakland, a desperate teenager and his wannabe-gangster best friend try to sell a bag of stolen drugs to save his dying mother’s life.

Through The Woods

Dir. Kaila Cherry

A magical realist mixed media drama in which dejected 21 year old Zoe must guide mysterious seven year old Elise through the forest and back to the main road.

See It Through

Dir. Sanaa-Leigh Critchlow

After the death of her sister, Rae seeks to find a new life as an attempt to exile her grief.

Autumn Leaves

Dir. Leonardo Navarro

Autumn Leaves follows Ava’s tumultuous journey through love, heartbreak, and self-discovery as she navigates a toxic relationship with her boyfriend Sam, ultimately finding the courage to break free and embrace her own happiness.

The Animals They Ate

Dir. Springer Chorpash

This is the legend of Samuel Miller, one of Mississippi’s most esteemed and beloved men.

The Best Part

Dir. Alyssa Fouts

On the night of Isa’s birthday, her friend, Geline, takes her on a night adventure to help her open up.


Dir. Andre Grenville

Solipsism centers on the tech company Artifice AI and its revolutionary release of a therapeutic AI that seamlessly interlinks with the human brain, potentially transforming the way we understand and treat mental health.

The Rotten Riff

Dir. Alexander Scott

An aspiring guitarist falls victim to his own hubris when his phone becomes possessed. 

2h 55m
First Showing
May 20, 2024


Monday, May 20, 2024 5:20 PM
Location Big Roxie

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