SFTFF: Program 5 (Adult Program 18+)

  • SFTFF: program 5

Fucking Mystic

Director: Chelsea Poe, Courtney Trouble & Aja Pop

Runtime: 9:25

Fucking Mystic is a narrative pornographic film about a small town girl who moves to the Bay Area and finds she has a profoundly erotic effect on her new surroundings. Could it be that the talisman given to her by her girlfriend back home has magical properties? Or is Chelsea Poe just naturally spellbinding?


Chelsea Poe is a Dutch American filmmaker and porn performer. She has been an advocate for removal of transphobic language in porn and has been included in the trans 100 in 2015. Chelsea has pushed for inclusion of trans women within mainstream porn including being the first trans woman to be a model on punk porn site God’s Girls. Her work has covered experimental film, bdsm, queer and lesbian themes. She has earned 18 AVN nominations and won cam performer of the year at the 2021 Ynot Cam Awards.

SFTFF: Program 5


Director: Jiz Lee, Vanniall

Runtime: 4:57

Hotel guests discover a room for two…Trans superstar Vanniall and non-binary porn icon Jiz Lee join forces in a short romp that combines safer sex and juxtaposed edits to celebrate the joy in queer sex.

This film was recorded during the 2022 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, and was Jiz’s first scene post top-surgery. https://pinklabel.tv/on-demand/film/transit-festival-cut/


Vanniall is an advocate for trans and sex worker communities, as well as an out U+ advocate, sharing her experience as an HIV+ performer on her blog and with publications like the Huffington Post.

Porn polymath Jiz Lee has worked in the adult film industry for over a decade, appearing in more than 200 projects from six countries spanning independent erotic films and hardcore gonzo pornography. Jiz is a versatile non-binary performer, an author and producer, and a key player in the queer porn movement.

SFTFF: Program 5

Creating Space

Director: Ariel Robbins

Runtime: 2:06

Cal Calamia prepares for his run in the Presidio. As he makes his way through several, iconic San Francisco neighborhoods, he tells an intimate story of his life as a trans runner. He sheds layers of clothing as the story progresses, as he bears his heart more and more. Creating Space ends with a cathartic splash in the Bay and a proclamation of connectedness and community.


Ariel Robbins (she/her) is a queer filmmaker, educator, and advocate. Her work centers LGBT+ identity, love, and community and has premiered at film festivals worldwide.

CrashPad Quickies: Zuri Love & Knotty Rell

Director: Ava LaPrima

Runtime: 5 minutes

The erotic tension between Knotty Rell and Zuri Love can be cut with a cane. Throughout this sexy BDSM scene, our guests share sweet communication and tender moments in-between soft thuds. crashpadseries.com


Ava LaPrima is the director of long-running queer adult website CrashPadSeries.com, created by Shine Louise Houston.

SFTFF: Program 5


Director: Oran Julius (they/he)

Runtime: 16:22

Who says wax play can’t be therapeutic? Reclamation is all about leaning into kink as healing, self care, and community love. Three friends gather on the solstice to practice a healing ritual involving massaging, fists, and hot wax. Together they pamper each other and celebrate their bodies before forming a bond with a very special seal. In Reclamation we celebrate Black bodies, Brown bodies, fat bodies, disabled bodies, hypermobile bodies, chronically ill bodies, and trans bodies. https://colorblockfilms.com/


ORAN JULIUS is a thick, Black, queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent and disabled human. They created ColorBlock Films as a celebration of queer sexuality, a place for challenging dominant narratives about queer sex and kink, a creative outlet to express the joy in sexuality, and a rejection of mainstream beauty hierarchies. ColorBlock Films celebrates sexuality in its myriad forms while centering the experiences of LGBTQIA+ BIPOC, disabled and neuro-divergent folks, and bodies of all sizes.

SFTFF: program 5

Trans-Cendent Delight

Director: Jaq Quicksilver

Runtime: 8:10

It’s a lazy afternoon, and I have one thing on my mind: your lips wrapped around my cock. In this genderplayful vignette, the viewer joins me in an intimate setting as I playfully undress enough to reveal full breasts *and* a hard cock under my clothes. Pre-cum leaks from the tip: an invitation to sample, and then gorge. While you suck and lick my cock, I encourage you with moans, heavy breathing, and words of praise, calling you “good girl” and asking you to stroke your own cock for me. After I come in your mouth, you see a thick trail of cum drip down me as I command you to finish yourself while I watch. Fade to black: maybe a nap with cuddles? 🙂 https://www.jaqquicksilver.com/


Jaq Quicksilver (they/he/she) is a nonbinary and genderfluid content creator from the SF Bay Area. Their body of commercial pornographic work chronicles their experimentation with gender and their ongoing physical transition. When not toiling in the smut mines, they enjoy bodybuilding, reading, needlecrafts, and chilling with their two cats.

SFTFF: PRogram 5

The Hanky

Director: Ramses Rodstein, Ava LaPrima

Country: United States

Runtime: 9:48

While on a stroll in a park in Berlin, Ramses encounters a handsome stranger who drops their hanky while passing by. Ramses is determined to return the hanky to its sexy owner.


Ramses Rodstein is a visionary force in the world of indie erotic filmmaking, a vibrant individual who proudly embraces their identity as a queer, trans, non-binary, indigenous Mexican. As a captivating multimedia performance artist, brujx, and filmmaker, Ramses breathes in life and nostalgia into their creations within the vibrant artistic landscape of the Bay Area and abroad.

Presented as part of San Francisco Transgender Film Festival.

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