CAAM Fest Shorts: AYCE (All You Can Eat)

  • Red peppers in a red basket

It’s no surprise people love making and watching films about food. Food is one of the most inclusive and beautiful ways to access a culture. These shorts show that the duality of food is endless – an expression of love or a weapon of control, an anchor to tradition or an imagination of what could be, or all of these things at once. Wear your stretchy pants for this one.

Good for self-proclaimed “foodies” and people who hate the term “foodie”, chef’s table binge-watchers, anyone who has been told “they’ve gotten fat” or “you look too skinny” at family functions, folks tired of seeing white chefs getting accolades for cooking the food they bullied you for bringing to school, folks looking beyond lunchbox trauma stories.

Presented as part of CAAM Fest 2023.

1h 14m
First Showing
May 14, 2023