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Silent Beauty

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  • A woman with a pink shirt rests her head on her hand. There is a window covered with curtains in the background. She looks sad.
  • A old film still with a woman holding a child. The child hides her face in her hands. They are standing on a sidewalk and the sky is blue in the background.

Q&A with director Jasmin Mara López after the screening!

When director Jasmin Mara López sees a photo of her niece with her grandfather, she is flooded by painful memories of her own childhood sexual abuse at his hands—and the following 24 years of her silence. In this cinematically striking and poetic documentary, López bravely films her story as a willful act to accept difficult truths while finding beauty in the process of healing. As she defies the cultural silence that pervades her family and confronts her abusive grandfather, who is a Baptist minister, a world of generational abuse unfolds, and she quickly discovers she is not alone. Through archival family footage and intimate moments with her family, López has created a film about confronting painful truths and the beauty one can feel when they reach the other side of grief.

Co-presented by RoxCine and BAVC Media with support from Re-Present Media.

Following the screening, the Silent Beauty team will host a private healing gathering. If you identify as a CSA survivor and would like to participate, please fill out this form:

Después de la proyección, la equipa de Silent Beauty les invita a un espacio privado de sanación y consuelo. Si usted se identifica como sobreviviente de ASI y le interesa participar, le pedimos completar este formulario:

1h 27m
Jasmin Mara López
In English with Spanish subtitles
  • Assisted Listening