alee peoples in person for Q&A

Spotlight on Alee Peoples

Co-presented by Film on Film Foundation, Canyon Cinema and SF Cinematheque.

We welcome Peoples up from Los Angeles to present her complete body of 16mm films along with selections from the Canyon Cinema collection. Alee’s films are brim-ful of bold gestures, pointedly orchestrating performances and camera movements, views and edits, sound and image. What are her films about–planes, balloons, friends, traffic, pop music, the signs and billboards of LA? Sure, these are among the recurring environmental and cultural threads from which she weaves her cinematic scherzi. Most importantly, she is always playing, and she takes it seriously.

The program, all 16mm:

Them Oracles (2012) 7 min

Three Peonies by Stephanie Barber (2017) 3 min

Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies (2015) 9 min

Spotlight On A Brick Wall by Peoples and Mike Stoltz (2016) 8 min

Untitled (double 8mm) (2014) 4 min

If You Can’t See My Mirrors, I Can’t See You (2016) 12 min

Mutiny by Abigail Child (1983) 11 min

Decoy (2018) 11 min

Standing Forward Full (2020) 6 min

Q&A follows.

1h 21m
Alee Peoples
First Showing
May 13, 2023