The Battle of Chile (Part III)

  • The Battle of Chile: The Power of the People
A new 2K restoration of Patricio Guzmán’s groundbreaking film,
marking the 50th anniversary of the US-backed coup in Chile

Part of The Battle of Chile.

“An exultant depiction of people becoming politicized and taking charge of their own destinies” —Los Angeles Times

Part three of Patricio Guzmán’s landmark documentary takes place prior to the 1973 coup d’état depicted in parts one and two. Turning his camera to the action on the ground, Guzmán focuses on the working-class Chileans who galvanize to distribute food, operate factories, and reclaim the means of production in the face of widespread factory lockouts by the bourgeoisie. In his fervent final installment—now vividly restored—Guzmán contextualizes the explosive violence of parts one and two by charting the class struggles and collective action that preceded it. (Black and white, 1978, 79 min., Spanish dialog and narration with English subtitles)

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1h 19m
Patricio Guzmán
Chile, Cuba, France
Spanish with English subtitles
First Showing
September 16, 2023