The Battle of Chile (Parts I & II)

  • The Battle of Chile: Army Arrests
  • The Battle of Chile
  • The Battle of Chile: Army Tanks in Street
  • The Battle of Chile: Bodyguards and Car
A new 2K restoration of Patricio Guzmán’s groundbreaking film,
marking the 50th anniversary of the US-backed coup in Chile

Part of The Battle of Chile.

When Patricio Guzmán began filming political unrest in the streets of Santiago in 1972, he had no idea he would capture the destruction of his country’s democracy on film. Widely considered one of the greatest documentaries of all time, parts one and two of The Battle of Chile give a real-time, on-the-ground account of the events surrounding General Augusto Pinochet’s bloody, US-backed coup. Across nine months, Guzmán captures the escalation of right-wing opposition from the polls to the streets, culminating in socialist President Salvador Allende’s last radio messages to the people of Chile and the military assault on the presidential palace.

Fifty years later, RoxCine presents all three parts of this rarely screened masterpiece about one of the watershed events of the 20th century, meticulously restored for the first time.

The Battle of Chile (Part 1): The Insurrection Of The Bourgeoisie examines the escalation of rightist opposition following the left’s unexpected victory in Congressional elections held in March 1973. Finding that parliamentary democracy would not stop Allende’s socialist policies, the right wing shifted its tactics from the polls to the streets. The film follows months of activity as a variety of increasingly violent tactics are used by the right to weaken the government and provoke a crisis. (Black and white, 1975, 96 min., Spanish dialog and narration with English subtitles)

The Battle of Chile (Part 2): The Coup D’etat opens with the attempted military coup of June 29, 1973, which is put down by troops loyal to the government. It serves as a useful dry run, however, for the final showdown, which everyone now realizes is only a matter of time. The film shows a left divided over strategy, while the right methodically lays the groundwork for the military seizure of power. The film’s dramatic concluding sequence documents the actual coup d’etat, including Allende’s last radio messages to the people of Chile, footage of the military assault on the presidential palace, and that evening’s televised presentation of the new military junta. (Black and white, 1976, 88 min., Spanish dialog and narration with English subtitles)

Presented with a 15min intermission.

Presented by RoxCine. Co-Presented by Chile Lindo.

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3h 12m
Patricio Guzmán
Chile, Cuba, France
Spanish with English subtitles
First Showing
September 8, 2023