The Cell (35mm)

  • Enlisted by FBI, Jennifer Lopez in a golden mask looking straight in the camera as she walks forward
  • A strapped woman with a cast mask on her face looking scared
  • Two human bodies in muscle-like costumes levitating in the camera
  • An ugly marble-like child face with a empty socket for a third eye
  • Parts of a cow's body distributed in identical glass cells
  • Jennifer Lopez before her transformation into a cyberpunk sphinx
  • A Japanese man with a cross on his forehead and a black gaping hole instead of a mouth
  • A man with horn-shaped hair and dyed skin leaning on a scared girl
  • Three twin women screaming in the sky as they sit in sand dunes
  • Jennifer Lopez as cyberpunk sphinx going for a kiss with a man
  • A man in golden overalls of a king going crazy and fumbling the air with his blood-covered hands
  • Jennifer Lopez with a ponytail ready for a mission
  • Jennifer Lopez in a nun robe taking injured boy in the pool
  • Jennifer Lopez in a white feathered dress walking through the cosmic sandy garden of rose trees
  • Jennifer Lopez in a white feathered dress meeting a man in the middle of the cosmic sandy garden of rose trees

Jennifer Lopez stars as a social worker who’s involved in a project to share the thoughts of a little boy locked in a coma when the FBI enlists her in an urgent attempt to enter the mind of a serial killer and discover the location of his latest victim before a fatal deadline.

Before going all in on his magnum opus – THE FALL, Tarsem Singh was handed a Hollywood-sized budget, cast and plot on which to splash the surrealistic excess we’ve grown to love, while brashly & playfully referencing artistic influences throughout the feature-length canvas. Hello Dali! With visually luxuriant, disturbing, over-the-top set designs and unsettlingly elaborate costuming that transformed Lopez into a “cyberpunk sphinx” compliments of his go-to, Oscar-winning collaborator Eiko Ishioka, THE CELL divided the world into that of Tarsem devotés verses those determined to tar his entire oeuvre as “style over substance”. Into which camp will you fall?

Directed by Tarsem Singh. Written by Mark Protosevich. Starring Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D’Onofrio, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dean Norris & Dylan Baker. 35mm.

1h 47m
Tarsem Singh
  • Assisted Listening