The Honorable Catherine + Julietta

  • The Honorable Catherine (1943)
  • The Honorable Catherine (1943)
  • Edwidge Feuillere in The Honorable Catherine
  • Julietta (1953)
  • Jeanne Moreau and Jean Marais in Julietta
  • Julietta (1953)
  • Julietta (1953)

HOW DO WE SAY “SPARKLING” IN FRENCH? Women’s issues are not confined to melodrama, and THE OTHER SIDE ’24 showcases two examples of unjustifiably obscure “screwball comedies” that feature unusual perspectives on “the battle of the sexes”…

The Honorable Catherine / L’Honorable Catherine

6:30 PM Edwige Feuillère as we rarely get to see her—as a zany to rival Lucille Ball! (She also drags up in pinstripes…) Trading quips and slaps with the equally motor-mouthed Raymond Rouleau, Feuillère’s screwball con artist wins his heart—and ours. (1943, dir. Marcel L’Herbier and Jacques de Baroncelli, 99m)


8:30 PM Young Julietta (Dany Robin) is engaged to a handsome prince, but the fairytale doesn’t appeal to her. A missed train strands her overnight in the guest room of a helpful stranger—but in the morning she can’t bear to leave. (He’s Jean Marais—can you blame her?) How unfortunate that he is expecting a visit from his fiancée (Jeanne Moreau!). And—how awkward that the latter is an old flame of Julietta’s prince! How will it all turn out?(1953, dir. Marc Allégret, 99m)

Midcentury Productions’ AUTEURES: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LOST CONTINENT ’24 features 15 films from France zeroing in on the status of women in the cinéma de papa period. These films feature women both in front of and behind the camera, covering a rich panorama of their perspectives about their place in French society. Based primarily on researches by Phoebe Green, AUTEURES is an eye-opening look at unjustly neglected works ripe for rediscovery.

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3h 7m
2D Digital
French with English subtitles