A film by Hong Sangsoo 

Walk Up

“Critic’s Pick! Think Eric Rohmer but with a lot more Soju.” – Austin Considine, The New York Times

Hong Sangsoo uses a delicately radical structure in his latest exploration of the complexities of relationships, growing older, and artistic pursuit. Successful middle-aged filmmaker Byungsoo (Kwon Haehyo) drops by to visit and introduce his daughter to an old friend, Mrs. Kim (Lee Hyeyoung), the owner of a charming apartment building that houses a restaurant on the ground floor. After Mrs. Kim tries to persuade him to move into one of the walk-up units, the film and Byungsoo’s future take a series of unexpected turns, as the various floors of the apartment come to contain different stages of his romantic and professional lives—or perhaps they’re different realities? Hong’s playfully existential drama consistently surprises, asking provocative, unresolvable questions about desire, illusion, and satisfaction and what we need—and take—from one another as we seek our own answers.

Written, Directed and Produced by Hong Sangsoo. Starring Kwon Haehyo, Lee Hyeyoung, Song Sunmi, Cho Yunhee, Park Miso & Shin Seokho.

1h 37m
Hong Sangsoo
South Korea
In Korean with English subtitles