Wrong Reasons

With a video introduction from executive producer Kevin Smith! 

When an ambiguously Intentioned masked man kidnaps a drug addicted punk singer, it triggers a police investigation as well as a media circus.

A Statement From Director Josh Roush:
This film represents the culmination of the skills I’ve been developing throughout my entire life. I wrote this film as a psychoanalysis of myself and my love of Punk Rock. I directed this feature in an effort to move beyond the page and explore themes of unlikely kinship. I co-shot/camera-op’d this picture with very few close-ups to allow the audience to take in the world, not just individual actors. I approached the edit like The Ramones approached music: Get in and out quick while cutting to the chase. I’m audio-designing the project with an ear towards hearing many of the characters through real life modes of media. I’m coloring this film in a way representative of the 16mm features I cut my teeth on.

There is not one single aspect of this flick that doesn’t contain my heart, soul, and DNA bared openly for the audience to judge.

1h 35m
Josh Roush
2D Digital
  • Assisted Listening