Welcome to a cinematic journey through the profound landscapes of the human soul. Embark on an exploration of the visionary realm crafted by the legendary filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, as The Roxie proudly presents a series that spans the master’s unparalleled career. In anticipation of the eagerly awaited restoration of his cinematic late masterpiece “Nostalghia,” this retrospective invites you to delve into Tarkovsky’s unparalleled genius. From the enigmatic and haunting “Stalker” to the poignant war drama “Ivan’s Childhood,” the introspective reflections of “Mirror,” and the epic historical canvas of “Andrei Rublev,” each film is a testament to Tarkovsky’s unparalleled ability to weave poetic narratives that transcend time and resonate with the eternal echoes of the human experience. Join us as we celebrate the legacy of one of cinema’s true auteurs in a series that captures the essence of Tarkovsky’s cinematic mastery.

General admission is $14. All shows are free or discounted for Roxie members. Get a 3-film pass and see any 3 of the films included in the series for only $30! Advance passes have sold out – there will be a limited quantity for sale at the box office. If you purchase a 3-film pass, this will be available for purchase and pick up at the box office starting December 29. You will only be able to redeem your tickets at the box office when presenting the pass. Tickets will be held for pass holders for all screenings.