Frameline48: Asog

Jaya is a witty and talented non-binary comedian whose dreams of stardom were derailed when their TV talk show gig was lost after a typhoon destroyed their studio a decade prior. Stuck in an overwhelming and unfulfilling teaching job, Jaya sets off across the Philippines to compete in a drag pageant that might turn around their luck towards fortune and fame. But when setting off, they are aligned with a former student headed in the same direction to track down a missing-in-action father.

The unexpected twosome’s journey brings them closer to each other, their queer identities, and to the land — with the film breaking the fourth wall of their adventure to showcase the plight of local citizens affected by the legacy of stolen land and disaster brought on by climate change. A visionary blend of fable and nonfiction, with casual humor both deadpan and slapstick, this arresting feature from Canadian stand-up comedian Seán Devlin tackles climate concerns, colonialism, and anti-queer biases head-on through the eyes of its unforgettable central hero. Winner of the Audience Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Asog was co-executive produced by Alan Cumming, Joel Kim Booster, and Adam McKay.

1h 41m
Seán Devlin
Canada, Philippines
Tagalog & Waray with English Subtitles
First Showing
June 25, 2024