Frameline48: That Boy

Written, directed, produced, edited, and starring eternal gay sex symbol Peter Berlin, That Boy is a hot, horny, and intentionally funny hardcore paean to, well, Peter Berlin, in a sumptuous new 2K restoration from Vinegar Syndrome. With his pageboy haircut, tight and tanned body, and all of that form-fitting leather, Berlin bursts off the screen — in more ways than one. Shot up and down Polk Street and in a host of long-since-closed gay hotspots like the No Name Bar, That Boy also serves as a virtual time capsule of post-hippie gay San Francisco. 

Admired and desired by everyone who comes in contact with him (including members of the Cockettes and onetime San Francisco supervisor candidate Jesus Christ Satan), a German adonis named Helmut (Berlin) instead only loves the blind boy who can’t judge him for his looks and will never see them fade with age. But that doesn’t stop a photographer, a bodybuilder, and a leather freak from having their own lurid fantasies.

We’re ecstatic to announce that Peter Berlin himself is expected to attend for a pre-program introduction and Q&A, so this is a screening you absolutely won’t want to miss!

Preceded by:

Bold Eagle

Directed by Whammy Alcazaren

Bold Eagle is about an “alter,” a person who anonymously posts nudes and performs lascivious acts in the nether regions of the Internet. Trapped at home with hallucinogenic drugs and his talking cat, BOLD seeks refuge in the strong arms of strange men from the internet as they masturbate their way to true happiness. (16 mins)


Directed by Gustavo Vinagre

From the Teddy Award-winning director of Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter (Frameline45), Joana (Thaís de Almeida Prado, Empire, Frameline47), a non-binary person with a vagina, meets Xtopher (Hilton Dresden, AC Unit, Frameline47), an effeminate gay man, in the FKK area (aka the nudity-permitted area) of a Berlin lake. Then, they decide to go to the cruising area together, where they experience new sensations. (16 mins)

Expected Guests:

Peter Berlin, Director, Actor

This program contains sexually explicit material. No one under 18 admitted.

1h 19m
Peter Berlin
First Showing
June 26, 2024