San Francisco: City of Neon Series – Walking Tour

  • Glowing neon of Roxie marquee lit up with a dark night sky in the bathroom. Text at the bottom says neon walking tour - in bright pink letters.
  • Two light skinned people stand across the street holding an ipad with a picture of the Roxie marquee. The partially lit Roxie marquee neon glows in the background.
  • Neon text with pink glowing letters reads San Francisco: City of Neon

Take a twilight tour with San Francisco Neon historians Al Barna & Randall Ann Homan.

The Mission District of San Francisco has an impressive array of classic watering holes, eateries, and cinemas with some of the best vintage neon signs in the city. It is a treasure hunt to discover these beautiful signs in the heart of this neighborhood. We start at the New Mission Theater and end at the Roxie Theater. This is a special tour to support the Roxie’s project to repaint and relight our iconic vertical neon sign.

This tour features eclectic local history with architectural and graphic design insights into San Francisco’s unique legacy of surviving neon signs. Be prepared to walk for 1 mile for 1.5 hours with rest stops. Photography and a lively Q&A are encouraged. This event is part of the San Francisco: City of Neon Series to kick off 2024, in proud partnership with the Tenderloin Museum.

1h 30m
First Showing
January 6, 2024