DocFest: Bay Area Shorts: Slice of the Bay

  • Family of three walk down the beach towards Golden Gate Bridge

In Immune, a team of doctors in San Francisco, a 9-year-old Navajo girl in Arizona and an Amish father in Indiana all pursue a cure for a genetic illness that causes babies to be born without an immune system.

In Chicken Stories, on a start-up farm outside Oakland, various chicken flocks surmount daily obstacles while the newbie farmers attempt to Google their way to help.

Friendly Signs is a short documentary about Tommy Wickerd, a man serving 57 years sentence in San Quentin State Prison who is determined to use his time serving the deaf community.

Stone Dove is an experimental documentary featuring interviews with SF Bay Area sex workers exploring themes of mutual aid, joy, and spirituality.

In Not Another Ballet Story, a small contemporary dance company in San Francisco provides dancers with a unique opportunity to write the future of ballet, away from the ballet world’s entrenched ‘story ballet’ tradition.

Presented as part of San Francisco Documentary Festival 2023.

1h 31m
United States
First Showing
June 3, 2023