Frameline 48: Good One

Basking the blissful days of new love with her girlfriend, Sam’s (Lily Collias) life at the moment is pretty great, but the dread of a weekend bonding trip with her dad Chris (James Le Gros, Certain Women) and his longtime best friend Matt (Somebody, Somewhere‘s Danny McCarthy) has just been amplified by Matt’s son, the only other person with an understanding of what absurdities lie ahead, officially bailing. A masterclass on the fallacies of men, Good One flips the script on coming-of-age clichés, asking who really is the one in need of growing up. Even if you can guess the answer to that, writer/director India Donaldson has a lot to offer within Good One, blending its sense of humor with surprising nuance.

With touches of Kelly Reichardt within a unique, fully realized vision, Donaldson offers a funny and wry anti-coming-of-age film. Anchored by a revelatory central performance from Collias and a dazzling score by Celia Hollander, Donaldson’s disarming first feature was the toast of both Sundance and Cannes this year.

This film has a content advisory. For more information, please click here.

1h 29m
India Donaldson
First Showing
June 24, 2024