Frameline47: Heartbeast

  • A guy with light green color dyed short hair sitting on a wooden desk with two girls looking at him as he speaks

Pairing vibrant neon visuals with a pitch black psychology, Heartbeast follows young aspiring rapper Elina, played by up-and-coming queer musical artist Elsi Sloan. Leaving behind a supportive network of friends in Finland, Elina moves into the home of her mother’s beau in southern France, forming an intense, instantaneous bond with her new step-sister Sofia (Carmen Kassovitz, daughter of famed French actor/director Mathieu Kassovitz), a ballerina who introduces her to a hard-partying scene of sex and drugs.

Previously shy about her musical talent, Elina becomes inspired by her attraction to Sofia, and slowly begins to share her music. But inspiration quickly turns into obsession, with Elina jumping to increasingly alarming extremes to maintain the insular bond between herself and Sofia. As the secrets and consequences reach an irrevocable tipping point, the film reveals the toxic dynamic between the two young women in unexpected places. An erotic thriller for a new generation, Heartbeast immerses us in a pulsing soundscape and vivid visuals while painting a dark portrait of youthful obsession channeled into artistry.

Presented as part of Frameline47 International Film Festival.

1h 42m
Aino Suni
France, Finland & Germany
English, German, French & Finnish
First Showing
June 17, 2023