Frameline47: Lie With Me

  • Young naked boy touching another boy's face with his hand as they look each other in the eyes

The sensual yearning of Philippe Besson’s award-winning novel Lie with Me is writ large in director Olivier Peyon’s achingly tender adaptation. When celebrated author Stéphane (César Award-winning actor Guillaume de Tonquédec) reluctantly returns to his rural French hometown to accept an award, he’s forced to confront skeletons left in the closet decades ago. There’s something familiar about his ostensible tour guide, Lucas (Victor Belmondo, grandson of French acting legend Jean-Paul), something that stirs his memories of his first teenage love (and lust) Thomas (Julien de Saint Jean, also featured in Frameline47 film The Lost Boys).

With its bucolic rural European setting and parallel narratives set in the author’s youth as well as today, Peyon’s film combines the passion of Call Me by Your Name with a Proustian reflective wistfulness. However, Lie with Me stands on its own, a miraculous feat of adaptation with an uncommon understanding of queer sex and desire in both the spring and autumn of life.

Presented as part of Frameline47 International Film Festival.

1h 38m
Olivier Peyon
French & English
First Showing
June 16, 2023