Frameline48: Fangs After Dark

Dim the lights, lie back, and prepare to get drenched in… blood! This XXXtra special Fangs program showcases three fun & sickening films that will get your heart racing and your mind in the gutter. Content Warning: stalkers, spiders, serial killers, and a whole lot of sex!

Short films showing in this program:

The Deep Queer Massacre

Directed by Mathieu Morel

The voyeuristic “killer’s POV” used extensively in retro slasher films is taken to a new campy level in The Deep Queer Massacre — merging cam-culture with the masked-maniac trope we’ve grown to expect in the genre. Set in a secluded vacation home, a troupe of horny gay boys sporting short-shorts and super-soakers are picked-off one by one in chic, B-movie style — paying homage to the classics that’ve cum before.

From garçons terribles who made Beauty and the Beast (Frameline45), The Deep Queer Massacre stars Pierre Emö (Knife+Heart) and Erwan Kepoa Falé (PassagesWinter Boy, Frameline47). (29 mins)


Directed by Ion de Sosa

“The death occurred exactly the same way as the first one: bang-smack in the middle of full-fellatio.” A lesbian detective duo investigating a web of ooey-gooey murders within the queer cruising scene quickly learn their killer might not be entirely human (or from this planet) regardless of his bearish good looks and black, leather jacket. 

Director Ion de Sosa’s creative eye is anything but itsy-bitsy in this absurd, sexy, and stylish body-horror flick. (48 mins)


Directed by Matias Breuer

Transfixed by the smell of his victims, a stalker takes his obsession to the limit. (11 mins)

Expected Guests:

Matias Breuer, Director (Stink)

Drew Beckman, Actor, Screenwriter (Stink)

1h 58m
First Showing
June 21, 2024