Frameline48: Fragments of a Life Loved

Imagine walking into a room filled with all your former lovers, and they’re talking about you. Now imagine they’re all there because you invited them.

Since her late teens, Chloé Barreau documented each of her many romantic partners on film, no matter the length or strength of the relationship. This footage from her past serves as the groundwork for a project about identity formed through romance, but Barreau knows that there are (at least) two sides to every story. In Fragments of a Life Loved, Barreau embarks on a bold experiment to flesh out her autobiographical exploration. She invites each of her exes to divulge their side of the story, filmed by a neutral party to allow for candid reflections of Barreau and their time together. 

Splitting her time between Paris and Rome, Barreau juxtaposes her filmed memories with the present day interviews with her past paramours — among them model/actor Anna Mouglalis (Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky) and filmmaker Rebecca Zlotowski (Other People’s Children). Barreau breaks new ground in the realm of first-person cinema with Fragments of a Life Loved. The film comes together at the juncture of narcissism and pure vulnerability, resulting in an occasionally uncomfortable, but always fascinating viewing experience.

Expected Guests:

Chloé Barreau, Director

1h 36m
Chloé Barreau
Italian with English Subtitles
First Showing
June 24, 2024